Hydrodermis 4-1 System is a complete aesthetic system that allows doctors, nurses and aesthetician to offer a full DELUXE facial, in few steps, with excellent results. The treatment could be performed in 15 min or be extended to a 45 full treatment. All protocols have been carefully designed by skin-care specialists.


1.Hydrodermabrasion for Deep Cleansing, and light to medium exfoliation. Diamond tip for diamond micro-dermabrasion, medium to high exfoliation.
2.Jet-Sprayer for toning, nourish and hydration.
3.Radio Frequency for firming, anti-wrinkle and collagen production stimulation.
4.Bio-lift for lifting and rejuvenation.


The Hydrodermis System help to restore, improve facial appearance, promote a younger looking and healthy skin and many others facial benefits. Some of the applications and benefit are:

•Recommended for comedonal and papulopustular acne. Un-clog and clean pores causing acne.
•As Anti-ageing treatment. Exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize aged and sun damaged skin for a younger looking appearance.
•Help to minimizes fine lines appearance, and prevent wrinkles formation caused by external factors.
•Rough texture. Exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize for an even and healthy skin.
•Ingrown hair. Unclog and treat pores to avoid formation.
•Enlarge Pores. Clean deeply, unclog and minimize pore size.
•Promote smooth skin.
•Simultaneous exfoliation and topical solutions infusion.
•Vibrant visible result even after first session.
•Sun damages Pigmentation. Help to reduce the appearance of sun spots.
•Hyper-pigmentation. Minimize and improve blotchy skin patches.
•Prevent pimples and acne formation; by keeping a clean pore and the oily balance of the skin.
•Help to reduce superficial post traumatic scars.
•Help to remove blackheads and white heads.
•Improve Keratosis Pilaris.
•Help to keep a healthy balance of skin moisture and hydration.
•Help to reaffirm, tone and tightening the skin.
•Superficial acne scarring.
•Enhanced penetration of topical products.
•Improve overall skin health.

The Hydrodermis System has multiples functions in few easy steps:

STEP 1: DEEP CLEANSE & EXFOLIATION: Using inverse vacuum with special designed tips and clinical formulated solution ("B" or "C") , to remove debris and rest of make-up while dead skin cells are gently removed from the outer layer of the epidermis, leaving a brighter and glowing skin

STEP 2: HYDRO-DIAMOND DEMABRASION: Using inverse vacuum with a pecial designed diamond tips and clinical formulated solution (A), dead skin cells are gently removed from the outer layer of the epidermis, leaving a smooth and even tone skin. This is an 0ptional step, could be an stand alone treatment.

STEP 3: DERMA-HYDRATION & INFUSION: Use the Jet sprayer with special nutri-solution to hydrate and treat the skin concern.

STEP 4: DERMA-REJUVENATION: Use the bionic RF probe, for a younger looking skin, while performing a thermal massage, the RF will improve wrinkle appeareance and skin texture. It could be an stand alone treatment.

STEP 5: DERMA-LIFT & NUTRITION: The biolift micro-curret is incorporated into the system to offer a complete professional facial, with a bio-massage that will tighten and reaffirm the skin.


•Screen: 8 inch, color, Digital Touch-screen
•Vacuum: 80 Kpa
•Radio Frequency: 1Mhz, Bipolar
•Radio Frequency Power: 5-50 Watts
•Imput Power: 200 W
•Input Voltage: 110V/220V
•Input frequency: 50-60Hz
•Noise Level 45Db
•Weight: 20 Kg

Tips - Hydro Heads:

•3 Small Spiral Plastic Tips (0.75 inch) •3 Large Spiral Plastic Tips (0.25 inch) •3 Tip with Diamond Plates (0.5 inch)